A Guide to Going Vegan in College

92a6d97c4d400a8eaed56414d3ddbac91. Know why you are vegan and remind yourself of it.

Being vegan in college comes with many challenges, and it may be hard sometimes being surrounded by people who don’t have the same ideals as you, or being around so much junk food. If you are vegan for the right reasons, then being vegan in college should not be as hard as one may think it is. Everyone chooses their lifestyle for a reason, and becoming vegan changes the way that a person thinks about food. A hamburger is not very temping if you see the hamburger as a dead animal instead of as food. Becoming vegan changes your outlook on the way you see food, animals, and the environment, which can be hard to articulate to others.

  1. Find like-minded people.

Finding other vegans is not impossible, most college campuses are very diverse and you will probably run into a few vegans or plant based folks! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you maintain your values and lifestyle. I am not recommending ditching all of your non-vegan friends, but having a group of vegan friends to cook food with or to talk about social issues with can be fun sometimes. It can be fun to find a group of people that share similar interests with, so you don’t feel like you have to explain yourself or what you are eating to everyone all of the time.

  1. Fill yourself with abundance

This way you won’t be as tempted to eat the closest non vegan treat that is close to you. Keep your fridge and pantry stocked with the food that you love to eat in order to maintain abundance in your life. One thing that I recommend is making a weekly list of groceries that you want to buy each week because then you are more likely to have a well-rounded diet, and eat the food that you buy. Making sure that you are getting enough to eat is essential in maintaining the lifestyle or else it is possible to think that the vegan lifestyle is failing you. No its not failing you, you just have not eaten enough.

  1. Patience is key! And it is OKAY to make mistakes.

Mistakes do happen, and not being too harsh on yourself will make it easier to persist in the vegan diet and lifestyle. Just because you ate a slice of pizza or because you accidently ate something with animal products in it does not mean you aren’t vegan anymore (unless you don’t want to be). Making mistakes and having cravings are a part of life. Diet is a huge part of someone’s lifestyle, so it takes time in changing it. No one can expect you to give up things that you have been your entire life overnight. Setting a realistic goal for yourself is key, and don’t be too harsh on yourself.

What are you most worried about when becoming vegan?


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